Civil Engineering Apps for Students and Just Curious Folks

1) iSolidMech - An App for Various Beam Internal Forces and Displacements

2) Plates and Shells - An App for the Internal & External Forces/Displacements for Various Plates (Rectangular, Square) and Shells (a Tank & Pressure Vessels

iSolidMechanics Suite of Apps!

iSolidMech is a series of Apps that offers the ability to compute the bending moments, shear forces, and selected deflections of predetermined beam/plate/shell configurations having various support and loading conditions.

As the formulas for beam and plate/shell forces and reactions can be quite complicated with certain boundary and loading conditions, iSolidMech has compiled the necessary mathematics into easily usable program Apps.

iSolidMech Apps are written by a PhD in Civil Engineering who specializes in solid mechanics, with an emphasis in theortetical and computational methods. The author is currently writing and verifying additional solid mechanics Apps that will be available soon. For some reason, he enjoys utilizing and deriving unique mathematical solutions to common mechanics problems. Such approaches are exact and precise to the needed significant figures, so his Apps will relyon such solutions and not finite element code (which are very good by the way). So stay tuned.


The current Apps are not intended to be used as a design tool, only as a guide. They are ideal for engineeering students or others when there is a need to know the internal and support forces acting on selected beams/plates/shells from commonly applied loads.